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lake tekapo with mountains in the background

Terms and Conditions

Paddle Tekapo

All participants are given a full safety briefing and must understand and be aware of the terms and conditions of hire.


Conditions of Hire

  • You must acknowledge and understand the safety briefing and follow the instructions of the Paddle Tekapo staff

  • You must wear a PFD (Buoyancy Aid) at all times

  • You must stay in the designated area as outlined in the safety briefing

  • You must stay within 200m of shore at all times

  • You must return by the specified time, or you are liable to extra hire charges

  • If you are paddle boarding, you must attach the leash to your ankle

  • You must understand the risks of participation.


Risk Awareness Participation with Paddle Tekapo

Things to consider are listed below

  1. I will listen to and follow all instructions given to me by the Paddle Tekapo staff.

  2. By undertaking this activity, I am aware that I may get wet in some manner, and I understand that conditions may change and can get very cold and windy. I am prepared for this.

  3. I understand that this is an outdoor activity, and as such, there is always an element of risk involved that may cause serious harm or worse to myself or others, if my actions are inappropriate.


By agreeing to hire a kayak or paddle board and paying the hire charge, you agree to the conditions of hire and risk awareness.

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